Tajmac ZPS Multi Spindle Automatic CNC Lathe


Tajmac ZPS Multi Spindle Automatic CNC Lathe

Location:Fort Worth, TX


TAJMAC-ZPS TMZ 867 MULTI SPINDLE AUTOMATIC CNC LATHE - Year: 2013 - Model: MORI-SAY TMZ867CNC - Spindle Size: 67 mm - Number of spindles: 8 - Max. diameter of bar: 67 mm - Max.internal dia clamping pipe: 78 mm - Max. length of feeding: 200 mm - Max. RPM of spindles: 2,500 min-1 - Max. output of spindle motor: 30 kW - Max. torque of spindle: 191 Nm - Time of turn of drum by 1 position: 2 s - Max. number of longitudinal saddles: 8 - Max. number of cross saddles: 7 - Number of slicing saddles: 1 Equipped w/ - CNC Multi Spindle - Euroturn - 8-67 TMZ - Multi Spindle Bar - Iemca PR 100 F Auto Bar Feeder Eight-spindle lathe automat represents a facing machine with horizontal axis of rotation of spindle drum. The machine enables automatic, highly productive and complex machining mostly of rotary parts from bar material and semiproducts as are precise casts and forged pieces. The machine joins the advantages of high productivity of cam multispindle automats and complex machining of parts on standard facing machining centres when minimizing demands on built-up area. The machine significantly broadens technological possibilities of machining. After additional assembly of special accessories, the machine can manufacture also two various simple parts- it works as two time four-spindle.